sometimes you meet people who make you laugh and give you hope and make you realize that there is so much more in life and when you're with them you forget how empty you felt before
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omg i got a fish eye lens! asdfghjkl!!!!!
if you post on instagram credit me to @ella_elbells 
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i just love this pic

I can’t even count how many tfios pics I have reblogged.

this book is all over tumblr what is it even about?!?!?!?

omg this book is amazing, watch the trailer-it gives you an idea of what it’s about ^
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Tumblr: @whexican
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moms 5s feat. my nails
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these signs are so adorable 
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last camera pictureeig: kettlec0rn
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I posted this on Instagram yesterday and it’s been reposted loads already so thought I’d post it on here tooquality ig || millywbudon’t delete text or source thanks
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eileen's 70d :)ig: kettlec0rn
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